Staff development

When it comes to AviationPower's overall approach, particular emphasis is placed on the development and promotion of our employees in order to ensure the best possible career opportunities for them over the long term.

Current Vacancies

Our approach:

  • As a creative provider of staffing services in the aviation industry, AviationPower constantly develops innovative solutions for its customers.
  • AviationPower employees work flexibly and diligently on the basis of specialist expertise.
  • In line with corporate standards, they always act in a reliable, responsible and loyal manner.
  • They show appreciation and openness in their dealings with others.
  • AviationPower employees are the real embodiment of the values of this corporate approach.


AviationPower's management are development-oriented, open-minded to new things and actively promote innovative solutions. The management are team players and are respectful, tolerant and appreciative of their employees, for whom their door is always open. They strive to pursue the team's goals in a consistently solutions-oriented fashion. They set binding objectives, empower their employees to achieve them and take responsibility for the results. AviationPower's management ensure that corporate standards are consistently observed.


We are one team and pursue AviationPower's corporate goals together. As part of our mutual appreciation, we treat each other with openness and honesty. We respect the abilities of others; this includes a constructive approach in the case of conflict. Our ability to keep our promises is a sign of our commitment and reliability.


We are solution providers and keep our promises. We maintain intensive customer relationships at all levels and possess comprehensive customer and industry knowledge. Knowledge is independently acquired, trained and transferred. Our customers are able to sense the satisfaction we derive from our work.

Emerging Talents 

Emerging Talents is a separate development opportunity - a junior management qualification programme for up-and-coming management talent who show real potential. The one-year programme is conducted with three to five employees. During the programme, management, leadership, project implementation and intercultural abilities are developed; additionally, personal qualities such as stress management and effective expression are also taught.