AviationPower Career & Development

Qualification – an absolute must.

As an aviation specialist we implement continuous internal and external training programs to ensure your high standard of quality. We confirm that our educational and training offerings are aligned with your needs and our products:

We are your partner when it comes to providing you with personnel who have the necessary skills and knowledge appropriate for your business.

Appropriate training enables us to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers. A large number of our staff regularly participates in continuing education and training. In these measures, the personnel deepen their knowledge and gain skills, thereby strengthening their identification, their perspective on achievement and their motivation.

As part of these measures, we select the optimal candidate together with you and the educational institutions.

We offer the following training courses

  • Cabin mechanic for carpenter and boat builder
  • Structural mechanic for metalworking occupations
  • Aircraft electronic occupations
  • Surface protection for painters and varnishers
  • Retraining for aircraft mechanic
    (maintenance, engine, production engineering)
  • Retraining for aircraft electronics technicians
  • Retraining for warehouse logistics personnel
  • Retraining for process mechanic in coating technology
  • Retraining for process mechanic in rubber and plastics

Of course, we also offer individually tailored education programs to meet your needs.


Jörg Hochleitner
Director Qualification
T: +49 40 386 386-351
M: +49 176 11 386-351